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A Few Words about...LARRY WERTS



  • One of the top producers in the networking industry.
  • Exceeded national sales records repeatedly for over thirty-five years as a distributor.
  • Chairman of the Board of Founders’ International, Inc., a national company co-owned by Peter Lupus, former Mission: Impossible television star
    and Mr. International Health.
  • In fact, Larry successfully promoted for well-known sports figures, including George Foreman, Tracy Patterson, and his manager Floyd Patterson, former boxing world champions during the 1980′s.
  • Broke national sales records in the 1970′s and 80′s to become the largest distributor producing hundreds of millions of dollars for a national
  • organization in that company represented approximately 70% of total sales, and included Mark Hughes, who founded Herbalife.
  • Set new records during the mid-1980′s for income and sales volume in the MLM industry with income in the $25,000 per week range. Adjusting for today’s dollars that’s a staggering monthly figure!
  • Shattered national records in 1990′s with 100% of the downline of another one hundred million dollar company and again earned a staggering income.
  • From 2005-2007, was recruited as a general consultant to a company in which he created a downline producing over five million dollars per day in sales

LARRY WERTS … Imminently qualified to help you build YOUR business!

  • Built sales organizations of well over 600,000 distributors in his MLM networking companies.
  • Thirty-five plus years of knowledge, expertise, and insight.
    • Holds a degree in Business Administration with in-depth experience in traditional business, finance, land development, and real estate holdings.
    • Understands sales, people, and business.
    • Those who have worked with him will tell you he has unsurpassed integrity and trustworthiness, and possesses a relentless focus on helping others successfully achieve their dreams.

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